How to Stay Organized With Your Finances

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How to Organize your finances

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Organizing your finances is like organizing your house. It could be daunting to start with but when it has been finished, you have a real sense of accomplishment. 

MyFICO has some suggestions on cleaning up your finances:

Make a list of all of your accounts

Be sure to get accurate values of your banking, investment, and retirement accounts.

Keep track of your accounts

Using a spreadsheet or an account tracking app will help you with this task.

Make a budget

Put together a budget for your home and stick to it. Make a list of all of your income and bills. Look into removing anything that is not needed and give yourself a financial buffer.

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Pay your bills on time

When you get a bill, pay it right away if you can. Also paying more than the minimum due will help you and your credit score in the future.

Separate your banking accounts

Set up an account that can be debited for bills only and have a separate account for daily spending. This will help with budgeting; plus, having all of your regular household bills coming from one account means you can keep an eye on any fluctuations in that account.


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